Welcome to CHASE FARMS

Strawberry season for 2017 has come to and end.  Thank you to all who came out and supported our farm.

We will be open all summer with fresh fruits and vegitables for you to purchase.  Please come and visit us again!
Chase Farms
459 Pannell Rd
Fairport, NY 14450
315 986-3691
Strawberry varieties at Chase Farms:

Wendy - These are the first berries to ripen each year, it is a relatively new variety at Chase Farms

Earliglow - This is the second variety to ripen(not long after the Wendy).  The early glow is known for its sweet flavor, and is always available for U-Pick upon request

Northeastern - This is the 3rd variety to ripen, it is a lighter red berry this is larger in size with a unique flavor

L'Amour - Berries that are bright red and firm but not hard, with excellent eating quality and flavor.

Clancy - This berry is known for it's dark red color and good flavor. The flesh is very firm with good texture and eating quality.