Seasonal Calendar for Produce
(Below is a timeline of produce available at chase Farms Market, it is a general outline produce availability may vary)
  • June
**Strawberries, **sugar snap/edible    pod peas, garlic scapes,              biscuits for shortcake

  • July
**Raspberries(red and purple),                        sweet cherries, **currants, 
         **goosberries, blueberries,                                 cumbers, garlic, sweet corn(mid -                   late July), tomatoes (tunnel                             technique), onions and summer 
           squash(green & yellow),
  • August
Sweet corn, beans (green & yellow),              blueberries, tomatoes &                        , cucumbers, summer                     squash(green & yellow), peppers,                   shallots, garlic,                                            potatoes(red), melons, egg plant,                   onions,  garlic, tomatoes,                                peaches, potatoes, melons
  • September
**Fall red raspberries, tomatoes,   
         potatoes(red & white), garlic, apples,             chestnuts, brussel sprouts,                             cauliflower, pears, garden mums,                  winter squash, egg plant, onions,
         sweet corn, peppers, garlic, and                     garden mums
  • October
**Pumpkins, mums, winter squash, 
         apples, gourds, sweet corn(until first              frost), Potatoes(red and white), garlic,           brussel sprouts, cauliflower

**Available for You Pick and at the market
Chase Farms
459 Pannell Rd
Fairport, NY 14450
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