Chase Farms
459 Pannell Rd
Fairport, NY 14450
315 9863691
Chase Farms
Mission Statement

It is our desire to maintain this farm as an agricultural entity for years to come. 
We currently  grow fruits and vegetables along with soybeans, field corn and wheat. 
Our objective is to  pass this farm down to the next generation of farmers while maintaining and improving the 
quality of soils thereby securing the property for food production for years to come. As sustainable farmers we
employ many practices recommended by Cornell University and use the  advice of experts in this field should
we have any questions.

In our effort to implement sustainable production of crops on our farm we adhere to the following  practices:

‐ We employ minimum to no till tillage practices whenever possible.  This increases the  organic matter in the soil, decreases soil erosion
and decreases fuel consumption used in  the production of crops.

‐ We plant cover crops everywhere possible after crops are harvested.  Cover crops are noncash crops grown for its benefit to the soil and
           ability to suppress weeds, capture nutrients   
           for the following growing season and increase soil health.  We depend on scientific research  to improve our yields

  ‐ We employ crop rotation as an effective solution to controlling insects and disease pressure.

‐ We keep a detailed record of inputs on each crop.  We use soil and leaf analysis testing for  levels of nutrients in our crops and soils.
    Knowing the recommended levels of nutrients for  each field enables us to apply adequate nutrients only as needed.

‐ We scout our crops to detect issues in the field and use chemical intervention as  recommended by specialists only when necessary. 

To summarize, we must preserve the resources that sustain us all.  The long term  viability of agriculture must be
ecologically sound, economically viable and socially